Being Healthy: You don’t have to figure it out alone.

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Healthy Cooking is a necessary skill for all of us.

cooking class product of baked fish with a fresh cucumber chutney

I want you to cultivate a life of balance. Where you are at peace with food, you feel confident and energized, and you can embrace the joy of eating while still making progress towards your personal health goals.

Cooking and eating are how we interact with food – and we do so multiple times a day – so at Taste & Thrive we use cooking as a real-life and relevant way to teach about nutrition and health. You can make food that is nutritious and tastes good too!


Schedule a VIP Day – Get 6 hours of dedicated 1:1 time with Melanya. Ideal for co-creating a wellness plan, kitchen or pantry re-organization, personalized cooking, grocery shopping tour, or anything else you want! Fast track your wellness with this personalized deep dive.

Check out: EMPOWER

EMPOWER is a four (4) week transformational program designed to give you exactly what you need to cultivate a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Eight (8) LIVE sessions with Melanya and a proprietary workbook with the knowledge and tools to guide you in creating the life you dream of.


We are excited to offer a revolutionary Wellness Mastermind- this 6 month total transformation opportunity is designed for people want a complete transformation of their mindset around food, cooking, nutrition and wellness.

This Mastermind includes in depth sessions on health goal setting, culinary nutrition, cooking, strategic planning, holistic health and wellness, intuitive eating, and intentional eating. You will also have access to a community of support from others in the mastermind as well as Melanya herself. It’s like having a dietitian, chef, health coach, and cheer squad in your back pocket while you make BIG changes in your life 🙂

The next Wellness Mastermind kicks off in January 2024 – and enrollment is OPEN now.

To maintain a high level of personalization and provide the best possible experience for our Mastermind members, we only have a limited number of spots available – so get it now if you want it!

Do you represent a healthcare practice, educational institution, or other other organization?

Melanya also offers other services on contract including:
• Integrative nutrition counseling via 1:1 or group sessions
• Inclusive culinary nutrition education (cooking classes for health and wellness)
• Teaching Kitchen design, implementation, and facilitation consulting (for organizations)
• Live presentations/workshops on nutrition, cooking, intuitive eating, holistic health/person-centered care approaches, health goal setting, and general health/wellness
• Small group special event cooking classes (i.e. pasta making, charcuterie boards, desserts, etc.)
• Employee wellness program development
• Health promotion program design and consultation
• Innovative solutions for providing nutrition programming to hard-to-reach populations (i.e. food insecure, working parents, chronic pain, cultural diverse, rural health, women’s health, aging adults, etc.)
• Creation of health and nutrition educational materials, such as articles, worksheets, recipes, curricula, and guides

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