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The Wellness Mastermind is a 6-month total transformation program for individuals who are tired of not knowing what is best for themselves, trying out different diets with no sticking power, and struggling with the internalized effects of societal pressure to ‘have it figured out’ and ‘be a certain way’. You are TIRED of the chaos and READY to move into a healthier, peaceful relationship with your body and health, and create a balanced life.

This one of a kind Wellness program harnesses the power of intuitive eating, cooking, holistic health, and habit formation to empower you to transform your experience with food- and yourself. You will take back control of your relationship with food and be in charge of your health and wellness.

Members have immediate access to the education, mindset, accountability, mentorship, and network you need to achieve health and sustain a balanced lifestyle. This Wellness Mastermind is ideal for anyone wanting to transform their eating habits – whether it is proactive for preserving health into the future, or for managing a new life change (moving, new job, priority shift) or health challenge (like diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease).

This Wellness Mastermind is not for everyone. It is designed for a specific kind of person.

Is this you?

  • You are a human being and you want to be in a community with strong, caring, inspiring others committed to personal development
  • You desire to pursue wellness. This may be through food choices/nutrition, learning how to cook, or exploring holistic health practices for self-care
  • You are tired of the chaos and stress food has brought to your life and want to be empowered to find peace with food
  • You want to be in tune to your body and make intuitive eating decisions
  • You would love to break free from cycles of food guilt/restrictive dieting, and not only achieve your health goals, but sustain them for the long term
  • You are kind, cool, and coachable
  • You are open to learning how to cook and experience food in new ways
  • You want to upgrade your eating habits and cooking skills and feel empowered to make the best nutrition/health decisions for yourself
  • You are ready to invest in yourself and do the work to create your ideal, healthy lifestyle
  • You want to hang with me
  • And be a part of something transformative and revolutionary

IS that a YES? Then Taste & Thrive: Wellness Mastermind is the place for YOU!

Transform How You Experience Food

Taste & Thrive is the most revolutionary wellness, education, and body positive health service in the world.

If you are ready to pursue wellness, upgrade your eating habits and cooking skills, and feel empowered to make the best nutrition/health decisions for yourself – then this is for YOU.

Taste and Thrive Wellness Mastermind. A 6 month total transformation for health and wellness based on intuitive eating, cooking, mindset, and holistic health

What YOU GET as a member of The Taste & Thrive Wellness Mastermind

  • Confidence in your food decisions- knowing you are making the BEST choices for your body 
  • A positive relationship with food, breaking free of food-related guilt, shame, or fear
  • Knowledge and confidence to prepare foods that are both healthy AND delicious
  • Achieve personal health goals and learn how to adapt and maintain your health throughout life
  • Connect with your body and cultivate self-trust through intuitive eating 
  • Clarity on your personal health goals and HOW to achieve them
  • Develop the confidence to prepare your own food that is tasty, fun, healthy, and satisfying
  • Embrace the joy of experiencing food along with its health benefits
  • Improved lab-work and a reduction – or elimination – of medication to manage a diet-related condition
  • Practical cooking skills, tips, tricks, and shortcuts to make cooking easier, quicker, and enjoyable
  • Learn how to eat mindfully and fully engage in experiencing flavor
  • Align your habits and food choices with your own personal goals and ideal lifestyle
  • Eliminate the overwhelm from figuring out HOW to start living healthier
  • Break out of restrictive eating patterns, yo-yo dieting, or learned eating patterns
  • Transform your experience of and relationship with food

Exactly What Your Mastermind Includes:

  • A commitment to YOURSELF because YOU ARE WORHT IT. You deserve to live a healthy, balanced life
  • Guidance and support for your personal health journey – make changes and receive real time feedback, guidance and support!
  • A registered dietitian with you every step of the way to provide education, coaching, and support for your new healthy lifestyle changes and habits
  • 2 LIVE sessions with Melanya every week (recorded for playbacks and accessible anytime)
  • Exclusive culinary & nutrition content such as:
    • Foundations: Cooking & Nutrition Basics
    • Reflections: Intuitive Eating and Connecting with Your Body
    • Holistic Health and Wellness: Explore How Food Relates to Every Facet of Our Health
  • LIVE cooking classes exclusively for Mastermind Members, tailored to fit any experience level
  • Additional touch points each week with Melanya to help keep you accountable and on track
  • A workbook with recipes, meal planning ideas, cooking tips, seasonal foods, goal setting, action steps and a step-by-step framework to cultivating your ideal healthy lifestyle
  • Weekly Mindset sessions to maintain your focus, tune into your body, and prepare for each week so you can hit your goals
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group for members providing a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental space for accountability and inspiration with others on a similar journey of self-discovery and wellness
  • Any and all enhancements and new features that get added to the Mastermind throughout your membership

I will give you the tools and support, coaching, knowledge and accountability to create your ideal healthy and balanced lifestyle- and be with you, every step of the way.

You CAN have your cake and eat it too 🙂

You deserve to be balanced.

Balanced in mind, body, power, peace, and joy.

Do you want to be free from self-doubt and uncertainty about your food decisions?

Imagine your life free from the mental burden of indecision when it comes to food choices – like what to shop for, what to eat, what to make for dinner.

Do you dream of a life where you can both enjoy foods you love AND achieve your health goals?

You CAN Create your ideal healthy and balanced life.

Not sure if the club is for you? Try EMPOWER

Empower is a 4 week transformational program designed to give you the foundation you need to begin cultivating a healthy, balanced lifestyle.
We will meet twice a week for 4 weeks to provide you with the mindset, skills, strategy, and support you need to harness the power of intuitive eating and create a positive relationship with food.

It is an excellent primer for the club, as you will get a TASTE of what Taste & Thrive has to offer. Shift your relationship with food and stop obsessing and stressing over what you eat or don’t eat. EMPOWER is designed to give you the exact tools and framework you need to make peace with food.

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