Health is in the Air: A guide to Choosing Balanced Foods While Traveling

Eating healthy while flying can be a challenge due to limited food options, the temptation of in-flight snacks, and generally, being thrown out of our own personal routine. However, with a bit of planning and mindful choices, you CAN maintain a nutritious diet while traveling. A lot of it comes down to your mindset around food, which, if you’d like more help with that, check out our signature membership program here.

balanced airport meal depicting eggs for protein, vegetables and whole wheat bread for fiber, and fruit

Stay well hydrated when travelling

This might sound common sense, but we all need reminding once in a while! And, yes, it is annoying to have to go pee all the time but that means your body is functioning optimally and efficiently processing out anything it doesn’t need, which can make you feel better on your travel days.

Drink plenty of water before, during, and after your flight to stay hydrated. Get yourself a cute water bottle and make it a staple in your travel pack
Avoid excessive caffeine and alcohol, as they can contribute to dehydration and add more stress to your body- whether you like flying or not, it is an added stress to our bodies when we do something out of our routine. I mean, do you spend a normal day hurtling through the atmosphere at 500 mph?

You may also need to drink more water than you’re used to, as commercially prepared food tends to have higher levels of sodium, or salt, than home-made fresh foods.

Pack or choose nutrient dense snacks

Before your flight, prepare healthy snacks such as nuts, dried fruits, whole-grain crackers, or cut-up vegetables. These options are convenient, don’t require refrigeration, and can help you avoid tempting in-flight snacks but can also help to keep your blood sugar level stabilized so you feel better throughout your travel day, both physically and emotionally. Nutrient dense foods are also good for your digestive health when travelling, as they take up less volume, reducing instances and impact of reflux or indigestion.

Bonus points for trail mixes- nuts and seeds are a good source of magnesium, which can have a calming effect on our nervous system, thereby reducing anxiety while travelling.

Aim for balance in your airport snacks and meals

Opt for meals or snacks that offer a variety of nutrients, such as protein, fiber, carbs and fat. I try to pick something that has at least 2 of those categories or more. Many airports now offer options like fresh fruit and yogurt, trail mix, or salads with a choice of protein on top.

I suggest avoiding sugary snacks and drinks while travelling because we are often more sedentary than normal. These sugary foods will give your body a burst of energy with nowhere to go, which can lead to blood sugar highs then crashes, agitation, and even temporary feelings of indigestion and illness.

And, as we always encourage, remember to take a few minutes and enjoy your food. Really appreciate it and practice mindful eating. Take your time to savor your meal, even in-flight. Eating slowly can help you recognize when you’re full and avoid overeating as well as simply fully appreciated the experience of eating. Remember to check in with yourself, too, and make the best decision for your body’s needs.

You can travel and still maintain a healthy and balanced eating pattern

If you want to learn more about healthy eating, lifestyle habits, and how to shift your mindset so you are confident in making the best choices for yourself anytime, anywhere, subscribe to our emailing list! OR, for even more, live support by a registered dietitian, join the Taste & Thrive Club. With a can-do mindset, planning ahead, and making intuitive choices at the airport, you can enjoy a healthier eating experience when flying without compromising your health goals.

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