Empowering you to connect with your body, understand nutrition, and transform how you experience food.

The next EMPOWER session kicks off January 9th, 2024!


Re-define your relationship with food

Taste & Thrive is the most revolutionary wellness, education, and body positive nutrition and wellness service in the world.

Our mission is to EMPOWER you to re-connect with your body, your internal voice, and harness the power of intuitive eating to re-shape your relationship with food.

Food is one of life’s greatest pleasures – and we want to help you enjoy the foods you eat free from guilt, doubt, or stress.

What is “Empower”?

Empower is a 4 week transformational program designed to give you the foundation you need to begin cultivating a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

We will give you the mindset, skills, strategy, and support you need to harness the power of intuitive eating and create a positive relationship with food.

EMPOWER takes an inclusive, body positive, whole-person centered, and holistic nutrition approach to achieving life long balance and wellness.

What’s included in the program:

What you’ll get:

  • 8 LIVE sessions over 4 weeks (2x a week)
  • 4 workshops, 1 each week (Tuesdays at 7pm CDT)
    • mindset (intuitive eating principles)
    • knowledge (nutrition and holistic health)
    • skills (cooking, making food choices)
    • strategy (goal setting and alignment)
  • 4 discovery sessions, 1 each week (Fridays at 1pm CDT)
  • All sessions recorded for replay in case you can’t attend live
  • Workbook with framework, recipes, worksheets, meal planner, reflection prompts, and action steps
  • Access to community of others on a similar health journey
  • Confidence you are making the BEST choices for your body
  • Freedom from food-related shame, fear, or uncertainty
  • Connection with your body, with intuitive eating
  • Clarity on your personal health goals and HOW to achieve them
  • Enjoyment of foods you love while still honoring your body’s needs
  • Practical strategies to make cooking and meal planning easier
  • Knowledge & tools to navigate any new health challenges that arise
  • Alignment of your habits and food choices with your ideal lifestyle
  • Permission to break free of restrictive eating patterns and fad diets
  • Mindful eating practices to get maximum enjoyment from food
  • Transformation of your experience of and relationship with food

You deserve to be balanced.

Balanced in mind, body, power, peace, and joy.

Do you want to be free from self-doubt and uncertainty about your food decisions?

Imagine your life free from the mental burden of indecision when it comes to food choices – like what to shop for, what to eat, what to make for dinner.

Do you dream of a life where you can both enjoy foods you love AND achieve your health goals?

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