Apple Season! Nutrition Benefits and Culinary Uses of Apples

As the leaves start to turn and the air becomes crisp, we find ourselves in the midst of a delightful time of year which features: apple season! There’s something special about enjoying produce when it’s in season, and apples are no exception. The fresher the produce, the higher the nutrient content. And not only do they offer a quick and easy snack, but they complement a great variety of dishes such as oatmeal, grilled cheese, and pork chops. For more ideas, check out our FREE Instagram LIVE mini cooking classes on Tuesdays at 6om CDT

photograph of a fresh apple that is picked at the peak of season

Nutrition Benefits of Eating Apples in Season

When you bite into a fresh, crisp apple, you’re not only savoring its delicious taste but also reaping the rewards of its peak nutrient content. Apples are rich in essential vitamins and antioxidants, such as vitamin C; minerals, such as copper and potassium; and a whopping 5g of fiber per medium sized apple! Eating apples in season ensures that you get the maximum nutritional benefit, helping to boost your overall health and well-being.

Cost Effective Savings For In-Season Produce

One of the perks of apple season is the affordability factor. When apples are in abundance, their prices tend to drop, making them a cost-effective choice for your grocery list. This is true for most locally grown produce, so change your eating pattern regularly to align with what is in season. This way not only are you getting a nutritious treat, but you’re also saving some money in the process. It’s a win-win situation for your wallet and your taste buds!

Nature’s Call for Biodiversity

Mother Nature has a clever way of encouraging us to diversify our diets. Seasonal produce, like apples, nudges us to explore a wider variety of fruits and vegetables. This diverse consumption is beneficial for our gut health as it introduces a range of nutrients and beneficial microorganisms. By embracing apple season, you’re not only satisfying your palate but also nurturing your gut, which can have positive effects on your overall well-being and reduce gastric distress and gut issues.

Cooking with Apples

Apples are incredibly versatile and make an excellent companion to various protein sources. Whether you pair them with cheese, nuts, quinoa, chicken, or pork, you’re in for a delightful culinary experience. An apple is an apple – but some are better suited to eating fresh while others are ideal for baking or cooking with. Check out this recipe for Apple Crisp – it is foolproof and highly adaptable. Here are some ideas for using apples to add a sweet and delightful twist to routine recipes:

  • Cut slits every half an inch along a pork loin and apple slices in prior to baking or roasting
  • Serve pork chops with homemade applesauce
  • Have a fun and easy snack of apple slices and cheddar cheese
  • Add sliced apples to a salad, sandwich, wrap, or grilled cheese
  • Make baked oatmeal with apples and cinnamon
  • Mix applesauce into stews, chilies, or baked goods

Check out this handy chart for deciding how best to use different varieties of apples:

apple variety chart depicting best uses for a variety of apples for eating freah, baking, sauce, freezing including courtland, fuji, gala, pink lady, mcintosh, golden dilisuous, red delicious, , honeycrisp, and granny smith

Fresh Produce Supports Local Agriculture

Surprisingly, the apples you find in the store may not be as fresh as you think. Thanks to “controlled atmosphere storage,” these apples can be up to a year old! This makes it even more crucial to load up on apples while they’re in season to enjoy their peak flavor and nutritional value. Enjoying fresh apples when they are in season is also a great way to support local agriculture and farming.

More Apple Recipes

Stay tuned for some delectable apple recipes we’ll be releasing this week, showcasing the versatility of this beloved fruit. From scrumptious pies to hearty salads, we’ll help you make the most of apple season in your kitchen. Whether its an apple crisp, apple sauce, apple pie – or simple baked apples, it’s hard to go wrong with this seasonal fall favorite.

If you’re eager for more direct cooking, nutrition, and lifestyle tips, be sure to sign up for our email updates. We’re here to guide you on your journey to a healthier and more delicious life, one season at a time. Embrace the bountiful goodness of apple season and savor every moment of this delightful time of year!

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