Taste & Thrive is a women-owned wellness business specializing in whole-person, inclusive nutrition and lifestyle transformation through food.

Nutrition is not one-size-fits-all. There are as many different healthy lifestyles as there are people on Earth.

What do we do?

Help people connect with their bodies, understand nutrition, and transform how they experience food.

We want you to cultivate your ideal, healthy lifestyle – one where you feel confident in your food decisions, in control of your own health, and no longer feel constant stress, shame, or uncertainty about cooking and/or eating food.

This is not just nutrition education. It is a transformation.

How do we do this?

Through hands-on learning: cooking! And eating, of course 🙂 Cooking is not just preparing food, but inclusive of every decision we make from choosing what to buy at the store to the actual experience of putting food in our mouths to eat it- and everything in between.

We take nutrition education and apply principles of health promotion and behavior change theories to provide practical and realistic solutions that combat internalized stress, uncertainty, and guilt around food.

Our 5 pillar framework of mindset, knowledge, skills, strategy, and support ensures that you will be fully equipped to achieve your food-related health goals, build a positive relationship with food, and sustain a healthy balance for life.


Because food is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Food brings people together, is present in nearly every aspect of our lives, and is a joy to experience.

Eating should not be a burden. It should not be stressful. In this world of information overload, and frequent mis-information, it can be challenging to know what, when, and how to eat. And on top of it, we are complex emotional, spiritual, and physical creatures.

We want to empower you to break out of harmful or discouraging stigma, pressure, and restriction and learn to listen to your body – practice intuitive and intentional eating – and find a healthy balance where you can eat foods that are both what you NEED and what you WANT.

Imagine yourself EMPOWERED to:

  • Break out of unhealthy cycles of restrictive eating or dieting
  • Honor your body’s emotional and physical needs
  • Reject learned feelings of guilt or shame when choosing to eat certain foods
  • Feel good and confident in yourself and your food choices
  • Build habits that align with the life you want
  • Find and maintain an ideal balance of health and wellbeing
  • Engage with a supportive community that wants you to succeed
  • Make informed food decisions
  • Confidently cook and prepare your own meals without stress
  • Reduce food waste from produce that goes bad before you get to eat it
  • Navigate a new health goal following a health challenge or big life event
  • Learn how to read and understand food and nutrition labels
  • Invest in your future self by taking care of your body
  • Cook easily, simply, quickly, deliciously, and healthfully- all a the same time!
  • Sustain the changes you make for life – learn how to adapt your healthy habits to whatever life throws at you

Meet Our Founder

Taste & Thrive was founded by Melanya Kushla, Registered Dietitian and Health Education Specialist with a culinary background.

Melanya started her career in 2012 as a private practice dietitian but soon got a job at a large public healthcare entity, at which she has worked for the last 10 years. Melanya has specialized experience developing programming for, and facilitating, culinary nutrition education classes to help people learn about nutrition and holistic wellness through hands-on learning. Melanya also advocates for and contributes to the inclusion of teaching kitchen programs in healthcare institutions, schools, and community centers, globally.

Taste & Thrive: A Teaching Kitchen, offers a unique blend of nutrition education, cooking skills, lifestyle strategy, and holistic health coaching to help people set health goals in alignment with their priorities, make informed food decisions, gain confidence with their cooking skills, and become empowered to make healthful and enjoyable food-related decisions for life-long wellness.

(Pictured: Melanya at the Culinary Institute of America at Copia)

My Story

I’m just a girl who loves to eat. And cook. And talk about food 🙂 I became a dietitian so I could learn how to maintain my health pro-actively and help others do the same. Food is a common denominator- and the method through which we can influence and control our own health and wellbeing. I am motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle to delay the onset of hereditary cardiovascular disease and preserve my functional capabilities for as long in life as I can.

Like a lot of people, most of our family get togethers growing up involved food. Food is a universal language- something every person on this planet can relate to. Eating is not just a means of sustenance, but also a means of sharing and receiving LOVE.

And I want to share my love of food with the world- in a way that people understand they do not have to sacrifice health for love of food- or sacrifice foods they love for health. They can co-exist. Food is both necessary for life and a a joy in life. Both a need and a want.

I want to help people balance both- so food decisions, cooking, and eating are something to be celebrated- every day! Not a something to be dreaded, stressed out or burdened by. You can fully enjoy the experience of eating AND maintain your health – this is balance. It looks different for everyone, and be a challenge, which is why I created Taste & Thrive.

(Pictured: Melanya, age 5, showing some sass at being interrupted during her cooking process)

melanya giving sass at being interrupted during her cooking process

Interested? Have questions? Schedule a FREE call to learn more

Hop on a call with Melanya and she will answer all your questions to help you determine if Taste & Thrive is right for you!

Taste & Thrive values and respects all human beings


We are each unique individuals with unique needs. We understand that though we may have shared experiences, nobody knows you better than you. At Taste & Thrive we are respectful of each other and acknowledge that every one of us comes with our own unique perspective and experience with food.


Founded by a U.S. registered dietitian, Taste & Thrive is committed to providing evidence-based nutrition guidance, implementing best practices, upholding principles of health promotion, and participating in professional research and collaborations to further the impact of teaching kitchens everywhere.


Though our content is curated primarily for women, we are open to helping all. Taste & Thrive is dedicated to inclusivity and respect of personal agency, particularly of historically marginalized groups of people such as women, native Americans, persons of color, immigrants, differently-abled, and LGBTQI2S+. No hate or disrespect for others is tolerated at Taste & Thrive.

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