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Our mission is to help people connect with their bodies, understand nutrition, and transform how they experience food.

Innovative Nutrition and Wellness

Taste & Thrive is a nutrition and wellness service that helps people connect with their bodies through intuitive eating, empower themselves with practical cooking skills and nutrition knowledge, and provide realistic strategy and guidance for creating a healthy, balanced life.

We combine evidence-based nutrition practice, practical & adaptive culinary skills, and holistic health principles to create an engaging and supportive health transformation experience.

We are here to help you THRIVE and live the healthy, balanced life you deserve.

Life is Stressful enough. Your food doesn’t have to be.

We are committed to helping people who value their health find balance, feel confident in their body and food choices, free up headspace and energy, and overcome challenges to living in balance.

We want you to cultivate your ideal, healthy lifestyle – one where you feel confident in your food decisions, in control of your own health, and no longer feel stress, shame, or uncertainty about cooking and/or eating food.

This is not just nutrition education. It is a transformation.

Imagine yourself with…

  • Clarity on your personal health goals and HOW to achieve them
  • Confidence and knowledge to make informed food decisions
  • Empowerment to make choices that improve your health and wellbeing
  • The ability to easily prepare foods that are healthy AND delicious
  • Healthy lifestyle changes that are sustainable
  • A connection to your internal voice and intuition
  • A positive relationship with food
  • Mindful eating practices that allow you to fully embracing the joy of eating
  • Aligned habits and behaviors that support your ideal lifestyle and goals
  • No more confusion, fear, guilt or stress around food choices
Summer body? Nah, I’m working on my old lady body

Strong bones. Full range of motion. Tough immune system.

Functional and Resilient. Capable of doing what I ask of it.

I think of my health as an investment- and investment in my future self.

What do you want to be able to do? How do you want to live? What is your ideal lifestyle now? In ten years? Or when you’re retired?

Let’s talk- speak out loud your ideal lifestyle, goals, and challenges. I’ll help you co-create a plan to achieve them and recommend how I can best serve you, if we’re a good fit for each other.

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Connect with food in a positive way

At Taste & Thrive, we embrace both the nutrition and JOY of eating. Explore how to make informed food choices that align with your own goals and lifestyle, eat with intention, and break out of the cycles of fad dieting or feeling guilt/shame around certain foods based on what society has ingrained in us. Empowerment through food.

Experience an innovative nutrition education program that provides nutrition and wellness guidance focused around our relationship with food to transform our journey to health and wellbeing.

Ultimately, we want to help every person we meet invest in their future self and build a strong, healthy, and enjoyable connection with food. Food is a pleasurable experience and one that we get to have multiple times a day! We do not need to deprive ourselves of that joy for the sake of our health – we can have BOTH.

Cook healthy and delicious food

Nutrition is an abstract concept. But food is not- food is tangible, something we can and do experience, regularly. It makes sense to talk about nutrition through the lens of food decision making and preparation, as that is what we are actually doing in our day to day life.

Which is why Taste & Thrive is a Teaching Kitchen – a style of nutrition and holistic health therapy that provides information, skill building, support and guidance for lifestyle changes through interaction and engagement – or more commonly called, cooking!

Cooking is inclusive of other food-related activities such as kitchen organization, using different appliances, what to keep in your pantry, grocery shopping, etc.

Align with your goals

You know how to eat right, so why aren’t you doing it? Because knowledge alone does not equal behavior change. We are complex creatures with thoughts and emotions – not robots. Simply knowing something is not enough for us to take an action.

But we can make positive changes when we have a strategy and set goals to build habits that align with our ideal life and self. It requires us to reflect on what is truly important to us, why we want to be healthy.

It also requires us to embrace all facets of our health and wellbeing – acknowledging that we have physical needs but also emotional, social, environmental needs as well. And we must honor each of those and find our own balance, as we are each a unique individual with unique needs and wants.

Colorful barley salad

Commit to yourself. Give yourself permission to enjoy food AND cultivate the health and wellbeing you deserve. Are you ready?

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